History of Research Areas and Groups

The Department of Anatomy
The history of the department of anatomy has been dealt with in the volumes of the history of Karolinska Institutet, first by Erik Müller describing the first one hundred years and then by Ture Petrén the years between 1910-1960.  The period after that is here presented by Gunnar Grant, with contributions from Staffan Cullheim, Brun Ulfhake, Mårten Risling and Jan Ekholm.

The Department of Anatomy – From 1961(3)

The Department of Medical Epidemiology and Biostatistics (MEB)

A brief account of the department’s origin at Uppsala University and development at KI 1997-2018 by Hans-Olov Adami, with contributions from Olof Nyrén, Juni Palmgren, Jan-Eric Litton and Nancy Pedersen.

Dept of Medical Epidemiology history 1997 – 2018 (pdf)


The Department of Neuroscience
The department of Neuroscience was formed July 1st 1993. Initially we were in three different buildings, which complicated the interaction. In 1995, however, Neurophysiology could move into the Berzelius-building, and finally after eight years, in 2001 we could all move into the newly built Retzius laboratory, with facilities designed to fit the different members of the department.

history of the Department of Neuroscience (pdf)


Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications (BBRC)
Recent Progress in Molecular Sciences: Reviews from Karolinska Institutet at its 200-year Anniversary. Edited by Sten Orrenius, Hans Jörnvall. Volume 396, Issue 1, Pages 1-176 (21 May 2010)

View Biophysical Research Communications (BBRC) Volume 396, Issue 1 online

Gosta Gahrton – The start of bone marrow transplantation and gene therapyIn 1951, Lorenz and Jacobsen showed that mice that had received lethal irradiation could be saved with bone marrow collected before the irradiation. These results were the background to Donall Thomas’ attempt to transplantbone marrow from normal donors topatients with advanced cancer after previous total body irradiation. The bone marrow of the patients was replaced by the bone marrow supplied.
Gosta Gahrton – The start of bone marrow transplantation and gene therapy
Paediatric Research at KI (in Swedish)
Rolf Zetterström – Pediatrisk forskning vid Karolinska Institutet
The Gyllensten group at the Department of Histology (in Swedish)
Ulf Ernström – Gyllenstensgruppen Histologen Karolinska Institutet

Cell Death Research at IMM and KI
Apoptosis was first introduced as a form of cell death by Kerr, Wyllie and Currie in 1972. However, this topic attracted little research attention for the following several years. In 1986 Sten Orrenius was invited to give a talk in an American-European debate on Mechanisms of Cell Injury, which was held at a Society of Toxicology meeting in New Orleans.
Boris Zhivotovsky & Sten Orrenius – Cell Death Research at IMM and KI